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Why Choose a Retail Consultant for Your Retail Business

So why choose a retail consultant for your retail business? Because they are experts in the retail market and can help you in your business growth strategies.

I’ve been successful in many areas of my life, but one area has been difficult – weight loss! Well, that is until I found the right consultant

Well, last November I went to a networking event and met Joann, a nutrition consultant.  She introduced herself, gave me her spiel and that was that.  A month later my doctor gave me news that caused me to rethink and pivot my eating habits. So I called Joann.

I called her specifically because she had lost weight herself.  She knew exactly what I had gone through and she knew exactly how to tweak my diet.  And now I am 30 lbs lighter, because I worked with someone who has specific knowledge, skills and expertise that I needed.

Could You Use Someone Like Joann In Your Retail Boutique Business, Someone That Can Provide Tweaks And Guidance From Their Specific Knowledge In Retail Strategy?

Having a consultant is a great way to get another set of eyes on your business, but having a retail business coach for your retail business is the right choice.  A retail consultant offers:

1.)    Industry specific knowledge – Retail consultants have specific knowledge of the retail industry and can easily assess opportunities or risks that are specific for retailers. What they bring is not theory but practical experience.

I haven’t gone through anything like COVID – 19 (no one has) but I have gone through  9/11 and the ’08 Great Recession and know what to expect from customer behaviors and how to create retail business strategies around that. There are fundamental actions to take that are specific to retailers.

2.)    Possess Skills that are needed in your business – Retail consultants can train on skills that are lacking or need to be elevated in your business.  Because they possess skills that may be missing in your business, they see opportunities that you may not see.  Bringing skills to your business without the cost of adding a new headcount.

When I was GAP Inc, I had amazing growth in my career but had a “blindspot” – communication. It wasn’t bad, just needed some refinement.  I found the perfect mentor for me, a high level executive that also had to learn to refine his communication skills. Perfect fit he’d done the legwork already and could teach me.

3.)    Specific Expertise – a business consultant will not have a custom open to buy, margin and assortment plan for your specific business.  A retail consultant has a proven process and expertise because they’ve done the work. They’ve worked years to develop their skills and expertise. This helps you avoid the time wasted trying to “figure it out”. You don’t have to become an expert in yet another thing, stretching yourself even further.

Ok, ok it’s like my dating.   I love my girlfriends and I seek them for advice for everything, but there are only a few of my girlfriends that I can talk to about dating after 40. My girlfriend’s who married their college sweetheart, have knowledge of dating but not my specific needs.

4.)    Am talking to YOU – Retail consultants speak your language.

Have you ever been in an audience(or church) and you think the speaker is totally “speaking to you”?  They are speaking to your life and your truths and they move, motive and inspire you?

Well, that’s what it’s like when you work with a retail consultant that has been where you are and can partner with you in your business to help elevate you and your business and so that you live your wildest business dreams.

Get out of the general admissions seats and sit in the VIP section. You and your business deserve it.

My team and I do more than “powerpoint” consult our clients we develop long term mentoring relationships.

About the Author: Darlene

I want to share with you what drives me (aka why I’m a Corporate Retail Dropout) and what fuels my motivation to impact thousands of Boutique Owners through my work, every day.

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